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Full-year 2021 guidance for EBITDA continues at €650-700mn ($765-824mn) and €200-230mn in Q3. The 2021 forecast, as well as those reflected in Q2 2021, were driven by significant price increases and volume surges related to recovering demand. 


The Kloeckner (Klöckner) 2025 Leveraging Strengths strategy began its implementations in Q2 2021, including restructuring in the EU and an addition of a US innovation hub alongside digital capabilities improvements to consolidate resources, increase flexibility, and optimize cost structures. The company aims to become a leading digital platform for steel, materials, and processing services in the EU and Americas, which will expand the customer base and reduce costs over the next four years.


H1 2021 shipments grew only by 6.2pc to 2.58mn mt against the same year-ago quarter, but sales in the 6-month period rose by 28.8pc to €3.4bn compared to the same period in 2020. The gross profit margin was 27.1pc in H1 2021 compared to 19.5pc in the year-ago period while it hit 28.4pc in Q2 2021 from 19.3pc in the same quarter in 2020.


Kloeckner shipments rose by 21pc to 1.3mn mt in Q2 2021 compared to 1.07mn in the same quarter in 2020.


Sales grew by 57.8pc to €1.8bn in Q2 2021 against the year-ago quarter. The company achieved an operating EBITDA of €271mn in Q2 2021 against €11mn in the same year-ago quarter, with a strong net income of €215mn compared to the loss of €111mn in the same quarter last year. Kloeckner achieved the best quarterly results in Q2 2021 since 2006’s initial public offering (IPO).


The number of employees fell by 105.5pc to 7,083 on June 30, 2021, against the year-ago-figure as part of the digitalization strategy.



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