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Specialty metals recycler, Levitated Metals, is setting up its latest plant near Houston, Texas with production expected to begin in the 10-acre facility as early as September, 2020.


The company, which held a groundbreaking ceremony for the plant on Jan 15, is not a melt operation. As a result, it would not need to factor in features such as stormwater management, air quality controls and prolonged construction timelines relating to furnace operations to build the facility. 


The area surrounding the facility has many melt shop operations with applicable capability for that step in the supply chain and Levitated Metals is expecting and excited to be a supplier to them, according to a company spokesperson.


The metal recycler chose the greater Houston area based on its proximity to supply and demand near a thriving container port and a strong manufacturing workforce, the spokesperson added, with local highways providing main aluminum shipment access into the southeast.  


Levitated Metals uses an advanced flotation process to separate aluminum from heavier metals such as zinc, copper, brass and stainless steel. The recovered metals are sold to automotive consumers, cast aluminum industries, smelters, and processors in the US, Mexico, and other countries.

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