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Luxury carmaker, Lexus expects the sales of electrified vehicles (EVs) to be more than pure-petrol vehicles in the future and targets to introduce at least 20 new models of BEVs, PHEVs, and HEVs together by 2025. 


The company also plans to achieve carbon neutrality across all its operational processes like parts and material manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing by 2050. 


This year, Lexus plans to introduce its first PHEV model and plans on introducing a new BEV model next year, it stated. 


Lexus recently achieved a milestone of selling two million electrified vehicles from 2005 until April this year. Last year, 33pc of its total sales was electrified vehicles, and is currently selling nine models including HEVs and BEVs across 90 countries in the globe, it said in a statement. 


From 2005 until April this year, the company has sold 540,000 units of EV in the US, 480,000 units in the EU, 387,000 units in China, 401,000 vehicles in Japan, 138,000 vehicles in East Asia, and 74,000 units in other parts of the world. 

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