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The London Metal Exchange (LME) launched a centralized digital register, LMEpassport, that records electronic Certificates of Analysis (CoAs), sustainability credentials and can provide digital provenance for LME-listed metals.


With the growing emphasis on responsible sourcing of metals and other commodities, industries, financial organizations and nations are keen on accessing data about point of production and disclosures related to sustainable practices of metal producers. The digital register will bring more transparency and push industries and downstream users towards the adoption of green metals, which have a lower carbon footprint. 


Responsible sourcing data can also push the envelope for corporate due diligence and help regulators and market participants focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance, which includes focus on human rights due diligence and can stem out conflict metals from the global supply chain. 


From 2022, all metals stored in LME warehouses will include details on sourcing in addition to metallurgical characteristics. 


The digital LMEpassport replaces the earlier paper-based CoAs, which detailed key specifications, quality documents and accompanied shipments of metals to and from LME warehouses.


LMEpassport will be implemented for all metals that need CoAs in a phased manner over the next three years. LMEpassport will be applicable for high-grade primary aluminium, LME Aluminium, from Oct 1, 2021. All primary aluminium dispatched out of LME warehouses will be tagged by an electronic CoA on LMEpassport, which will allow downstream users to access relevant information such as purity, shape and size of a batch of metal. 


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