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Mexico’s car output, exports, and domestic sales dropped last month compared to February 2019 on lower demand, according to the National Institute of Statistical and Geographic Information (Inegi).


Car production fell by 28.8pc to 238,868 units in February, from 335,708 vehicles produced in the same month last year, Inegi noted in a statement on Friday.


Domestic auto sales declined by 21.1pc to 82,323 units last month, from 104,338 vehicles in February 2020 while exports fell by 21.8pc to 213,987 units from 273,634 cars during the same period.  



Mexico’s vehicle shipments to the USA fell by 14.8pc to 346,847 units in February, from 407,282 vehicles in the same prior-year month, and shipments to Colombia fell by 30.8pc to 6,337cars from 9,153 cars in the same timeframe.


Exports to Europe dropped by 36.1pc to 23,461 units in February, from 36,742 vehicles in the same month last year, and exports to Asia in the same period fell by 28.1pc to 5,582 units from 7,761 cars.


Shipments to Brazil, on the other hand, rose by 130.4pc to 4,723 vehicles last month, from 2,050 cars in February 2020, and shipments to Chile rose by 126.3pc to 4,195 vehicles from 1,854 cars in the same period under review.

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