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China’s 30 provincial regions, excluding Hubei, have resumed steel production. State-owned iron and steel enterprises in many regions have returned to work at 88.1pc. Iron and steel plants in China have resumed production in full capacity, according to Chinese Metal Society.


In Beijing, 99pc of state-owned companies have resumed work. Resumption rate of state-owned companies in Shanghai is 80pc. In Shanxi province, 28 state-owned industries have resumed production. Construction projects in the province have resumed.


In Liaoning province, 53 state-owned and secondary subsidiaries have resumed work. Liaoning is an industrial province with iron and coal mines, the province also produces steel and pig iron. Liaoning Longyuan group and Anshan Iron and Steel are based in Liaoning. Anshan Iron and steel has a production capacity of 25mn mt of pig iron and raw steel.


Resumption rate of Industries in Zhejiang province is 75pc. Zhejiang province has Wenzhou Zhouyi Stainless Steel, KCM Special Steel, Zhejiang Metal and Materials are few plants based in this province.


In Anuhi province, 25 state-owned companies have resumed work. Huangshan Tianma Aluminium, Wuhu Hengda Metal, Dongtai Stainless Steel companies are based in the province.


In Fujian, 77pc provincial companies have resumed production. Fujian Nanjing Taifeng Metal Industries, Fujiang Lisong Metal Industry, Fujian Connex Metal Industries are few companies in Fujian province.


In Shangdong province, 39 companies have resumed work. Baoshan Iron and Steel, Qingdao Iron and Steel, Jinan Iron and Steel, Laiwu Iron and steel, Shandong Hai Steel are main steel plants based in Shangdong province, Baosteel is the largest and most modernised iron and steel plant in China.


In Henan, 47pc of production works has been restarted. Henan is a Lead and Aluminium Hub in China. Supioneer Metal Materials, Wanda Aluminium, Xin Jinhui Stainless Steel industry are few plants based in Henan. Xin Jinhui steel industry has 8mn mt of steel production capacity.


In Guangdong province, 18 companies have resumed production. Around 74 companies in the state are operating normally at all level during the spring festival.


In Ganasu, 85pc production works have been resumed. Around 29 first-tier companies have fully resumed work and 72 companies are actively preparing for resumption. Zinc smelters are based in Gansu province.


In Guangxi province, 17 companies have resumed work. Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group, Guangxi Iron and steel group are the leading companies in Guangxi.


Around 50pc of industries in Hunan have been resumed work which includes 7,590 companies. Around 110 construction projects have resumed including, Zhang Jihuai railway and Chang Yi Long railway High-speed expansion projects.


In Hubei province, only 5 parent industries have resumed production.




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