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Padnos Iron and Metal’s plans to build an outdoor shredder on its property might hit a roadblock after a local nonprofit, requested the city’s planning commission to review the approval of the land use permit granted to the scrapyard in Nov 2019.


The city of Holland, Michigan, where the Padnos facility is located, has denied the nonprofit’s request to reconsider its decision, even though the nonprofit urged the commission to revoke its permit for the shredder immediately. Padnos would have a right to appeal if the city’s planning commission had denied their request to install the shredder, as the local nonprofit does not have a right to appeal because their property is not adjoining Padnos.


Padnos plans to have two truck scales to speed up the flow of materials for shredding, according to a company spokesperson. The facility has the capacity to handle 65 trucks per day, but actual amount will likely be between 12 to 20.


The organization said in a press release on Jan 9, that approval of the special permit is in violation of several restrictions imposed by the city. Additionally, it said that the special use permit does not meet the standards of either the city’s zoning ordinance or master plan because the location of the shredder would be near the nonprofit’s building as well as private homes, and goes against the area’s image of having a property mix, as set forth prior by the city’s plan.  


The next Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is Jan 22 at city hall. At that meeting, the board of appeals will consider voting on three variance requests from Padnos.

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