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The global aluminum industry recycled 33mn mt of aluminum scrap in 2019, compared to 64mn mt of primary production in the same year, the International Aluminum Association noted. 


In its annual Material Flow Model for 2021, the Association noted that post-consumer scrap formed 60pc of all aluminum scrap recycled around the world and 20pc of global material procured. For reference, energy-saving represents 300mn mt of GHG emissions. 


Regarding pre-consumer or production scrap, the IAI noted that sheet and foil scrap formed 51pc of the total recycled material in 2019 while extrusions and castings accounted for 27pc and 16pc, respectively. Still, UBCs remain the most widely recycled material, with a 69pc recovery rate. In Brazil, this number has jumped to a staggering 98.4pc.


In 2019, the total reported shipments of semi-finished aluminum products was 95mn mt, 50pc more (double) from 2010. With this in mind, the IAI has predicted global demand to increase by 80pc over the next 20 years. 

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