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Russia’s industrial production in February 2021 fell by 3.7pc as compared to Feb 2020 and by 1.4pc from the previous month (Jan 2021) due to fewer working days, according to data provided by the State Statistics Service Rosstat.

The country’s manufacturing output in February decreased by 2.4pc as compared to the year before, while the mining sector showed the largest decline of 8.9pc as compared to the same month in the prior year.

In February, the country’s metallurgical production declined by 3.2pc as compared to the same month in the preceding year.

Alloy steel in ingots and other primary forms, as well as semi-finished alloy steel products output in February, stood at 1.3mn mt, down by 2.8pc from the year before, while semi-finished products from unalloyed steel grew by 5.3pc to 4.96mn mt as compared to February 2020.

Production of hot-rolled steel sheet in February stood 1.56mn mt, up by 2.1pc from the year before, while long products and hot-rolled steel rod grew by 7.1pc to 1.4mn mt.

In February, the production of steel pipes, hollow and hollow sections, and their fittings contracted by 9.8pc to 840,000mt, while production of welded round steel pipes with an outer diameter of more than 406.4mm fell significantly by 11.9pc to 190,000mt as compared to February 2020.

Cold-rolled steel sheet output, unclad less than 600 mm in width, stood at 39,600mt in February, up by 2.7pc from the year before, while production of open sections made of unalloyed steels produced by cold stamping or bending rose by 8.7pc to 93,300mt.

The output of cold-drawn wire from unalloyed steel stood at 145,000mt, up by 5pc from the same month in the previous year.

In the first two months of the year (Jan-Feb, 2021), the country’s industrial output fell by 2.8pc as compared to the prior-year period.

Russia’s economy is recovering at a moderate pace, as per media reports. 

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