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The Steel Authority of India’s (Sail) crude steel production rose by 6pc to 4.55mn mt in Q4 FY21 (Jan-Mar) compared to the prior-year period. The company’s saleable steel sales were up by 14pc to 4.27mn mt in this period. 

Compared to Q3 (Oct-Dec), crude steel production and saleable steel sales were up by 4pc and 3pc, compared to 4.37mn mt and 4.15mn mt, respectively. 

 Q4 FY21Q4F Y20PC ChangeQ3 FY21PC Change
Crude Steel4.55mn mt4.31mn mt6pc4.37mn mt4pc
Sales4.27mn mt3.74mn mt14pc4.15mn mt3pc

Sail also recorded its best annual sales in FY21 at 14.87mn mt, a growth of 4.4pc over 14.23mn mt in the prior year, despite COVID-related volatility in the market during the year.


Sail’s Chairman, Soma Mondal, said,“The company adopted focussed approach on improving its volumes, operational efficiencies, operating the facilities at optimum levels, deleveraging its balance sheet, reducing its inventory levels which helped the company to top the performances during the month, quarter as well as the year.”


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