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Silvercorp, the Canadian zinc, lead, and precious metals miner is on track to meet its annual guidance for the 2021 fiscal ending on March 31, 2021.


The company said while reporting its third-quarter and nine-month results for the period ending December 31, 2020, that it was confident of meeting its target of producing 66.1-68.5mn lb (29,982-31,071mt) of lead and 24.5-26.7mn lb of zinc during the fiscal.


In the nine-month period for FY2021 (April-December, 2020) the company produced 56.3mn lb of lead, a fall from 59.6mn lb in the same period of the previous fiscal. Its zinc output, however, rose to 23.3mn lb from 22.3mn lb during the same period under review.


Lead production also declined in Q3 FY2021 to 17.1mn lb from 20mn lb during the same quarter in FY2020, whereas zinc output increased to 8.7mn lb from 8mn lb during the same quarters under comparison.


In April-December 2020, the company’s lead and zinc sales increased to 56.3mn lb and 23.3mn lb, respectively, from 55.6mn lb and 22.3mn lb during the same nine-month period in 2019. During Q3 FY2021, Silvercorp’s lead sales fell to 16.8mn lb from 18.7mn lb during Q3 FY2020, while its zinc sales inched up to 8.9mn lb from 8.3mn lb during the same quarters under review.


Silvercorp produces lead and zinc from its Ying Mining District and GC operations in China.

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