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Five aluminium smelters have been asked by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of Changji to limit their production in the commission’s initiative to clean up illegal projects, according to reports. 


The electrolytic aluminium production capacity of Changji Prefecture will remain at 3.05mn mt- registered capacity and Eastern Hope, Shenhuo, and Qiya will have to stick to a capacity of 800,000mt per year.


Production at the remaining two smelters, Jiarun and, Tianlong will not exceed production beyond 400,000mt and 250,000mt, respectively.


The NDRC and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued this notice to clean up illegal projects in the Iron and Electrolytic Aluminium sector.


The collective output of electrolytic aluminium smelters in the prefecture was 1.85mn mt in H1, 2021, of which; Oriental Hope, Qiya, Shenhuo, Jiarun and Tianlong Mining contributed to 526,900mt, 467,900mt, 470,000mt, 248,500mt and 137,900mt, respectively. 


With the notice in place, Oriental Hope can no longer have a monthly output capacity beyond 54,000 mt, Shenhuo’s monthly production cannot exceed 66,000mt, Jiarun’s monthly output of electrolytic aluminium output will be 30,000mt and Tianlong Mining’s monthly production of electrolytic aluminium shall not exceed 21,000mt.


The Economic Development Bureau of Shandong Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Development and Reform Commission of Fukang City, and the Development and Reform Commission of Manas County have been asked to implement the national and autonomous region’s decisions and arrangements on the clean-up and rectify illegal electrolytic aluminium projects.

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