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US scrap exports of stainless steel and alloy steel together dropped by 12pc in April to 139,835mt from 159,595mt during the same month in 2019, according to the US Census Bureau trade data report. Also, import of stainless steel scrap and alloy steel together in April this year dropped by 42pc to 37,234mt from 64,708mt in April 2019. 


The largest share of stainless steel scrap exports in April 2020 went to to India at 4159mt, which was 64pc below April 2019 shipments of 11,553mt. The next highest country was Pakistan at 3,661mt in April, up by almost up by 59pc from 1,523mt a year earlier. Exports to Canada declined by 55pc in April to 1,378mt from 3,070mt during the same month last year. Exports to Taiwan fell by 79pc to 3,402mt from 16,406mt.


US stainless steel exports to Japan rose by 27pc to 931mt in April from 683mt last year, while exports to China decreased by 100pc to zero from 486mt in April 2019. 


The highest share of stainless steel imports to the US in April was from Canada, which still declined by 21pc to 8,531m5 from 10,855mt in April 2019. Stainless steel imports from Mexico decreased by 22pc to 6,689mt from 8,553mt during the period. 


Stainless steel imports from UK in April dropped by 79pc to 24mt from 114mt in April 2019, while imports from Taiwan fell by 66pc to 22mt from 65mt. 

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