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Greece-based firm Sunlight will increase production of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries, said the company on Sep 2. The company has invested an additional €50mn ($60mn) for its plants beside the investment of €105mn for the company’s Xanthi plant for R&D and prototype production line for lithium cells. 


The additional €50 will be invested in Xanthi, Verona and North Carolina plants that will increase battery manufacturing output capacity to 7GWh annually. 


Of the total, €30mn is set aside for the production of lead-acid batteries which will increase the Xanthi unit’s capacity from 4GWh to 5.3GWh, the largest output in the world for motive power lead-acid flooded products. 


Around €20mn is being invested to expand the capacity of lithium-ion production by adding 1.7GhW annually.


The increased production of lead batteries will be supported by the company’s lead recycling facility that will supply 60pc of the raw materials required which will ease pressure on primary metals. 


The company is keen on meeting both current and future demands of energy storage by scaling up capacities.

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