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Taber Extrusions, an Arkansas-based aluminum extrusions supplier, has added a new Haas VF-12 CNC Machining line to its operations.


VF-12/40 is a 150×28 inch table with an automatic tool change capacity and the ability to hold up to 4,000lbs of base material. After the material is loaded, it is moved to a high-power spindle with lubrication and coolant hoses that can be programmed to adjust to different alloys. Tool selection, RPM, feed rate and coolant flow can also be modified. 


The tools within the machining line have travel lengths of 150 inches on the X-axis, 32 inches on the Y-axis, and 30inches on Z, facilitating the precise production of long aluminum extrusions while reducing production time and costs. 


Taber Extrusions is a provider of aluminum extrusions for various industries, including military, aerospace and architecture. The company also offers value-added services such as welding, machining, precision cutting and bending. 

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