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Taiwan’s Kaohsiung city government urged China Steel Corporation (CSC) to expedite its efforts on emission reduction in order to improve air quality. CSC’s main mills is located in Kaohsiung. CSC has been asked to speed up efforts to reduce emissions causing air pollution, according to local media. 


The company emitted a total of 1.18mn kilograms of PM2.5 and PM10 particulates in the Jun-Dec period last year, as per Taiwanese media. The emission were within the maximum permissible levels issued by the government. Kaohsiung city officials stated that these lenient levels were set years ago to incentivise establishment of heavy industries in Taiwan. The authorities are reviewing policies to push companies to reduce air pollution.


CSC has spent NT$67.8bn ($2.2bn) as of 2018 to build new facilities that reduce pollutants and emission and has successfully reduced particulate emissions, according to the company.

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