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Seven steelmakers in Tangshan suspend production in March in line with Tangshan city authority’s action plan to curb air pollution in the region in March. The suspensions will caused a production cut of 15 to 50pc at  these companies. 


In Tangshan city, 15 companies suspended production of which seven companies are steel producers. Tangshan is a steel hub in China’s Hebei province. Jurisdiction of Tangshan local government includes Fengnan and Fengrun districts, Qianxi county. 


Steel plants which suspended production are Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel, Tangshan Ruifeng Iron and Steel, Tangshan Shandong Hua Iron and steel, Kaiheng Iron and Steel, Jingan Iron and Steel, Tangshan Xinbaitai Steel and Tangshan Tianzhu Iron and Steel. 

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