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American electric carmaker Tesla produced 509,737 units in 2020, while its sales in the same year stood at 499,550 units, according to the preliminary data released by the company.


In 2020, the company produced 54,805 units of Model S/X and 454,932 units of Model 3/Y, while sales for Model S/X and Model 3/Y stood at 57,039 units and 442,511 units, respectively.


In the fourth quarter of the year (Q4 2020), the country’s output stood at 179,757 units, while its deliveries reached 180,570 units in the Oct-Dec, 2020 period.


The company’s Model S/X and Model 3/Y vehicle output in Q4 stood at 16,097 units and 163,660, while sales for the same reached 18,920 units and 161,650, respectively.


The company said that its sales in 2020 hit half a million units and were in line with its most recent guidance. The company is yet to release its detailed yearly report. 


Tesla has said that it wants to increase Tesla’s vehicle sales from 500,000 units in 2020 to 20mn units per annum over the next decade with plans for electric vehicles that cost $25,000, its Cybertruck, Semi, and revamped Roadster, as per media reports. 


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