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Thailand’s Trade Interests and Remedies Division of the Commerce Ministry has finalized anti-dumping duty on hot-dipped galvanized cold-rolled steel sheets/coils and non-rolls products from China.


Earlier, Thailand had imposed a preliminary duty of 35.67pc in August 2020 but withdrew it in June 2021. The AD investigation was initiated in February 2020.


The new AD will remain effective for five years from Sept 7. The duty is between 8.2pc to 37.54pc on cif prices of imports. The duty covers imports under HS code 7210.4912.021, 7210.4912.022, 7210.4912.023, 7210.4912.024, 7210.4912.031, 7210.4912.032, 7210.4912.033, 7210.4912.034, 7210.4912.090, 7210.4913.021, 7210.4913.031, 7210.4913.090 , 7210.4919.021, 7210.4919.031, 7210.4919.090, 7210.4991.000, 7210.49990.000. 7212.3011.021, 7212.3011.031, 7212.3011.090, 7212.3012.021, 7212.3012.031, 7212.3012.090, 7212.3013.011, 7212.3013 .090, 7212.3019.011, 7212.3019.090, 7225.9290.090


Chinese steelmaker HBIS group will be levied 8.2pc duty for exports to Taiwan, Tianjin Haigang 3.67pc, Benxi group 3.05pc, while importers including Baotou steel, Tianjin Rolling-One, Ma’anshan, Angang, Baosteel, Shougang, Yieh Phui, Shangang Rizhao and Fujian Kaijing Green Tech will face duties of 4.75pc. Other exporters will be imposed a duty of 37.54pc.

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