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Tirupati Graphite has developed a graphene-aluminium (Al-Gr) composite with significantly higher conductivity and strength than aluminium and comparable to copper. The company aims to develop the composite as a substitute for copper, stated the company’s release.


The company specializes in the development and production of high-grade graphite and graphene material. Tirupati Graphite is engaged with leading end-user companies to replace copper with the Al-Gr composite in thermal power and propulsion systems. The company is also working towards scale-up and commercialization of the Al-Gr composite.


As the Al-Gr composite retains aluminium light weight properties, it will help reduce carbon emission and the added properties of graphene improves its thermal, electrical conductivity and mechanical properties and makes it comparable to copper which is preferred in electrical and thermal application. 


The company shared that it is hopeful of increasing the composite’s thermal conductivity which now has 95pc of copper’s electrical conductivity.


Tirupati Graphite PLC has integrated operations from mine to high-grade natural flake graphite, specialty graphite and graphene production at multi-locations with primary mining and processing in Madagascar, and graphite processing and R&D center in India.

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