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Japanese carmaker Toyota’s global production and sales in April doubled from the year prior month owing to a low base year. Production in June will be halted at two Toyota plants in Japan amid shortage of parts, which will reflect in the company’s monthly figures. 


Production in April

Toyota’s worldwide production jumped 100.9pc to 761,459 units compared to April last year. Production in Japan stood at 267,605 units, up 22.7pc while production outside Japan was reported at 493,854 vehicles, up by a whopping 206.7pc from the prior year month. 


Global production is up for the eighth consecutive month. Exports in April rose 39.5pc to 171,719 units as compared to April 2020. 

Production in Jan-April


From January to April, Toyota produced 3.01mn units globally, up 27.8pc while production in Japan rose marginally to 1.06mn units compared to prior year period. Production outside Japan increased 45.4pc to 1.95mn units from the preceding year period. 


Sales in April

Toyota’s global sales zoomed 103pc to 859,448 units. Sales outside Japan rose 125.8pc to 735,431 units while sales in Japan reached 124,017 units, up 27pc in April from the prior year month. Sales worldwide is up for the eighth consecutive month. 


Sales jumped higher on the back of low base year as the pandemic had hurt demand in April 2020 which resulted in lockdowns and shut down of manufacturing plants across the globe. 


Also, sales in North America rose 188pc to 270,000 units in April, while in China, it rose 12.2pc to 160,000 units. 


Sales combined for Jan-April rose 33.4pc to 3.3mn units from the prior year period for Toyota, globally. Sales in Japan rose 11pc to 580,104 units and sales outside Japan rose 39.2pc to 2.73mn units from the prior year period. 

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