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Toyota’s global production in October is up by 9pc compared to the previous year while global sales is up by 8pc. 



In October, production growth volumes globally are up by 9pc to 845,107 units on the back of strong growth in China and Japan. In China, production is up by 10pc and in Japan by 12pc from the previous year. Newer models were introduced amid the global market recovery. Production in Japan stood at 309,582 units. This is the second consecutive month of higher production. 



Worldwide sales were recorded at 847,713 units, up by  8.3pc in October from the prior year. Overall sales rose on the back of better sales in US and China. US auto sector as a whole is recovering which resulted in Toyota recording a new high for October sales. In China, the regional motor dealer show boosted sales and it was up by 33pc from the prior year. China’s increase in sales is for the seventh consecutive month, reported Toyota. Sales in Japan is up by 37pc to 144,348 units while sales outside Japan was reported at 703,365 units up by 3.8pc from the prior year. 


In the 10-month period (Jan-Oct), Toyota’s worldwide sales is down by 14pc to 6.92mn units and production worldwide is down by 17pc to 6.32mn. Production in Japan is down by 18pc from 2019 to 2.37mn units and sales is down by 9pc in Japan to 1.23mn units from the prior year. 

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