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Toyota’s global production in January was up by 4pc compared to same month previous year while global sales was up 5pc. 



Production growth volumes globally rose by 4pc to 741,704 units on the back of strong growth in China and North America. In China, production grew due to string sales for several models. Sales rose 41pc from the year prior period in China. 


Toyota’s production in North America rose 2pc amid high demand for light trucks from January 2020 levels. Production in Mexico rose 26pc to 19,030 units supporting North America production climb. Production in Latin America dipped 11pc to 15,787 units in January from 2020 levels. 

Production in Europe was down 8.7pc to 73,748 units from the prior year period. Asian production rose significantly driving total global sales up. Production in Asia was up 23.3pc to 240,906 units from the corresponding month last year. 


Production in Japan dipped 6.2pc to 239,794 units in January from the preceding year’s January levels. Production outside home country expanded by 9.8pc to 501,910 units compared to Jan 2020. 



Worldwide sales were recorded at 765,514 units, up 4.6pc in January from the prior year period. Sales improved in Japan and China. Demand in Japan 2020 was low on the back of hike in consumption tax rate, as a result sales in Japan in 2021 zoomed 14pc from the prior year marking the fourth consecutive monthly growth compared to 2020 numbers. China sales increased 30pc amid a solid demand for several models. 


Sales in Japan were up 13.8pc to 127,336 units while sales outside Japan was reported at 638,178 units up 3pc from the prior year. 


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