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Turkey’s foreign Producer Price Index or non-domestic PPI (ND-PPI) rose by 35.31pc in April 2021 against the year-ago month and by 7.14pc against the preceding month, according to Turkstat (TUIK).


Mining and quarrying rose by 36.54pc while manufacturing rose by 35.29pc in April 2021 compared to the same year-ago month. Mining and quarrying rose by 7.29pc in April 2021 against the preceding month. 


Turkey’s confidence index decreased in service and retail sectors by 1.1pc and 2.1pc in May 2021, to 102.2 and 100.9, respectively, against April, but rose in the construction sector by 3pc to 79.6, TUIK noted.


The seasonally adjusted construction confidence index rose by 3pc to 79.6 in May 2021. Out of those surveyed in the construction sector, 53.2pc reported facing one major restricting factor in their business while 46.8pc stated no restrictive factors to growth. The restrictions included financing, lack of demand, and other factors. 


According to the Central Bank of Turkey, the country’s consumer confidence index fell by 3.6pc to 77.3 in May 2021 from 80.2 in April.

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