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Ferrous scrap consumption increased by 19pc to 4.64mn mt in Turkey in January-February 2020 compared with the same period in 2019 amid higher crude steel output and stronger domestic steel product market. 


Turkey’s crude steel production also increased by 12.7pc to 5.9mn mt during the period under review, according to the Turkish Steel Producers Association. The higher output resulted in ferrous scrap imports increasing by 58.2pc to 3.45mn mt, while purchases from the local market dropped by 30.9pc to 1.18mn mt, according to statistical source SteelData.


Of the top five ferrous scrap suppliers, four (USA, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Belgium) increased shipments to Turkey in the first two month of this year, while only the fifth (Russia) decreased supply, as illustrated in the table below: 


Top 5 ferrous scrap suppliers to Turkey

 Jan-Feb 2019Jan-Feb 2020change
United Kingdom197,000321,00062.9pc

Source: SteelData

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