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UK’s exports of aluminium scrap dropped by 9.5pc and copper scrap exports rose by 6pc in November, from the prior year.


UK exported 37,503mt aluminium scrap in November, down by 3,919mt from a year ago. In the Jan-Nov 2019 period, UK exported 436,952mt of aluminium scrap, up by 6.7pc or 27,562mt from the prior year period, on an increased demand from China in the first half of the year, when scrap import restrictions were to be announced.


UK exported 114,779mt of aluminium scrap to China in Jan-Nov 2019, up by 83pc or 52,063mt from the prior year.

Copper exports from UK rose by 6pc or 1,256mt from 20,648mt a year ago. 


UK’s exports to China dropped from 8,048mt in November 2018 to 3,611mt in Nov 2019. But the country’s exports to India increased from 1,196mt in November 2018 to 3,688mt in 2019, on stronger demand. In Jan-Nov 2019, UK exported 319,910mt of copper scrap, up by 33.5pc from a year ago. 

India’s imports from UK rose from 26,583mt in November 2018 to 39,739mt in Nov 2019, while China’s imports from UK dropped to 80,817mt in November from 100,534mt November 2019. Bangladesh imported 50,733mt in November 2019, from nil in the year prior. 

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