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Ukraine’s industrial production in December 2020 increased by 4.8pc without calendar adjustments from the prior year, recording growth for the first time in the year, according to media reports citing data released by the Ukrainian State Statistics Service.  

The country’s industrial production fell by 0.3pc in November.


With calendar adjustments, the country’s industrial production in December rose 3.2pc as compared to the previous year but had declined by 0.1pc in November.


Metallurgy and finished metal products output in December grew by 4.3pc as compared to December 2019, while iron ore mining increased by 20pc from the preceding year.


Industrial output in 2020

Ukraine’s industrial production in 2020 fell by 5.2pc as compared to 2019. The country’s metallurgy and finished metal products in 2020 decreased by 9.1pc compared to the previous year, while iron ore mining dropped by 2.4pc. 

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