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The US Department of Commerce has notified aluminum traders that it intends to begin the licensing process under the Aluminum Import Monitoring (AIM) and Analysis System by Jun 28.


Commerce will implement AIM under Section 361 of Chapter 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations, which concerns taxation. The main objective is to monitor and control the surge of imported aluminum products into the US by means of transshipment. Previously, Commerce indicated that the system concerns only primary aluminum and products thereof, not scrap items. 


The agency had opened the AIM website to the public in January but delayed the implementation twice. Applicants will now have to register for an online license by filling out an application form. Without the license, US Customs will not clear any imports. The website will also feature a public AIM monitor. Among other details, licensors will need to give details of the country/countries where the metal was smelted which is used in manufacturing the products as well as where the product was most recently cast. 


Commerce remains open to comments and public suggestions to improve the system. Some sections, which were not identified by the agency in the notice, will be implemented at the end of this year. 

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