Davis Index: Market Intelligence for the Global Metals and Recycled Materials Markets

US export scrap aluminum fas US port trended flat to slightly lower on Thursday as overseas containers trade returned.


The Davis Index for 99/3 Zorba was flat at 45¢/lb fas US ports, while 95/2 Zorba remained unchanged at 42¢/lb fas US ports. 


The index for Taint/Tabor was at 42.5¢/lb fas US ports on Thursday, with Tense slightly stronger at 43.6¢/lb fas US ports, both grades unchanged from Feb 27.


The Davis Index for 356 aluminum wheels dropped by half a penny to 61¢/lb down from 61.5/lb fas US port as did 6063 painted extrusions which decreased from 58.6¢/lb to 58.1¢/lb fas US port on Thursday.


The ripple effect of the extended Chinese New Year holiday and the shutdowns based on the Covid-19 virus have started to subside. Ports calls in China are on the rise, and the backlog of containers needed to unload is shrinking. The markets are looking to normalize as more containers become available in the coming weeks, ending the downturn.


The three-month LME aluminum price increased to 77.90¢/lb on Thursday from 76.66¢/lb on Feb 27.

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