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US raw steel production increased 2.4pc to 1.84mn nt (1.67mn mt) from 1.79mn nt last week with a capacity utilization rate of 81.5pc for the week ended May 29, 2021, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).


Compared to the same week in 2020 output rose 50.1pc from 1.22mn nt and capacity utilization moved up 49pc from 54.6pc. Production increased by 9.5pc to 35.91mn nt between Jan 1 and May 29 from 32.81mn nt during the same year-to-date period last year. 


The capacity utilization rate was 78.1pc from Jan 1 to May 29 compared to 69.9pc during the same period in 2020. Total capacity fell by 957,000nt on an annual basis for the week ended May 29.


Regionally, compared to the same week a year ago, production increases occurred in the Northeast with output up by 47pc to 147,000nt, output in the Great Lakes rose 56.4pc to 635,000nt, output in the Midwest was up by 54.5pc to 187,000nt, output in the South rose 51.3pc to 793,000nt and the West’s output increased 34.5pc to 74,000nt.


Compared to last week production increased in all regions except the West with output down by 7.5pc from 80,000nt. Output was up in the Northeast by 0.7pc from 146,000nt, output in the Great Lakes rose 2.3pc from 621,000nt, output in the Midwest increased 1.6pc from 184,000nt and the South’s output rose 4.1pc from 762,000nt. 


The estimated crude steel tonnage provided by AISI is compiled by combining weekly production figures from 50pc of domestic producers and monthly production data. 

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