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The US Department of Commerce determined that several Chinese exporters of vertical shaft engines between 225-999cc and their parts sold merchandise in the US at less than fair value while also receiving countervailable subsidies. 


In the final results of the investigation, published by Commerce on Jan 5, the agency revised the antidumping (AD) margins to range from 177.5-448.33pc while also assigning a countervailing duty (CVD) ranging from 17.75-19.29pc. A table clarifying the parties involved is listed below.


The US International Trade Commission will pronounce its verdict regarding the investigation on Feb 18, after which Commerce will issue the final AD and CVD orders. 


Producer AD margin CVD rate 
Loncin Motor 177.65%17.75%
Chongqing Zhongshen General Power Machine336.26%19.29%
Chongqing Rato Technology 270.95%18.72%
Jialing-Honda Motors 270.95%18.72%
Yamaha Motor Powered Products Jiangsu 270.95%18.72%
All Others Chinese producers468.33%18.72%

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