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The US Department of Commerce has imposed countervailing duty (CVD) on aluminum foil exported by Oman and Turkey to the US.


Commerce, which had initiated investigations on imports of the material from both these countries in October 2020, preliminarily determined that exporters from Oman and Turkey were benefiting from imbalanced government subsidies. Thus, it levied a CVD of 2.15pc on aluminum foil from Oman and 2.79pc on material from Turkey.


Commerce, which plans to announce its preliminary decision on an aluminum foil antidumping (AD) investigation from these two countries as well as Brazil, Russia, and Armenia, in April, will require Oman and Turkey to post a duty deposit that pertains to the preliminary CVD.


Applauding Commerce’s decision, the Aluminum Association’s president and chief executive officer, Tom Dobbins said that the results were a key step towards ensuring a level playing field for US aluminum foil producers.

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