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US ferrous scrap exports fell by 51pc to 1,477,423mt in October from 3,034,360mt prior year, according to the United States Census Bureau. In 2018, US’ scrap export volumes were the highest in October. 


Exports to Turkey were down by 27pc to 335,660mt from 460,964mt prior year, while exports to Taiwan fell by 55pc to 169,006mt from 374,454mt last year. Exports to South Asia including India dropped by 26pc to 88,889mt; Bangladesh down by 67pc to 64,093mt and Pakistan down 49pc to 34,151mt.


In October, scrap shipments to Mexico fell by 25pc to 175,251mt, while for Vietnam it dropped by 76pc to 75,981mt compared to prior year.  


In the Jan-Oct period, US ferrous scrap exports fell by 9pc to 13.60mn mt from 15mn mt prior year. US’ crude steel production fell by 2pc to 7.40mn mt in October from 7.55mn mt prior year, according to World Steel Association.  


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