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US domestic raw steel production reached 1.91mn nt with a capability utilization rate of 82.1pc during the week ending Feb 1, 2020—a 1.9pc increase from 1.878mn nt of raw steel produced during the same week in 2019 at a capability utilization rate of 80.7pc, according to the American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI).


US raw steel production declined by 0.3pc from 1.92mn nt produced with a capability utilization rate of 82.3pc in the previous week ending Jan 18, 2020.


Adjusted for the year through Feb 3, 2020, 8.77mn nt of raw steel was produced in the US with a capability utilization rate of 82.3pc, up 2.4pc over the 8.56mn nt produced during the same period last year. Capability utilization rate also increased from 80.4pc recorded during that period in 2019.


The Southern district produced 714,000nt of raw steel during the week, followed by the Great Lakes with 680,000nt. The North East, Midwest, and Western districts produced 230,000nt, 204,000nt, and 86,000nt, respectively.


Capability for Q4-2019 was approximately 30.4mn t, down slightly from 30.8mn during Q4-2018, and 30.6mn t during Q3-2019.


The AISI report’s raw steel production tonnage is estimated, using 50pc of data from domestic producers and using monthly production data for the remainder.

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