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The US Department of Commerce has revised the final antidumping duty (AD) levied on Turkish carbon and alloy steel wire rod after the United States Court of International Trade’s (CIT’s) ruling was not in harmony with Commerce’s final duties.


In a notification issued on May 25, Commerce indicated that it reduced the duties levied on Icdas and other Turkish suppliers for the period of review (POR) from January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016.


Commerce had first amended these duties in April 2020 after Icdas and Habas appealed on Commerce’s final AD to 3.22pc for Habas, 8.72pc for Icdas, and 4.78pc for all other Turkish suppliers. However, the steelmakers appealed to the CIT on these duties again after which the court directed Commerce to review and recalculate the duties again. 


The CIT then sustained Commerce’s final redetermination, which now stands at 4.44pc for Icdas as well as other Turkish entities. Habas’ AD was recalculated down to 0pc—effectively meaning that the steelmaker will not need to pay the duty for the POR.


For Icdas and other Turkish producers, Commerce noted that it will issue revised cash deposit instructions to the Customs and Border Protection and has excluded Habas’ merchandise from liquidation.

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