Davis Index: Market Intelligence for the Global Metals and Recycled Materials Markets

The weekly Davis Index for A380.1 slipped by 0.2¢/lb to 1.21¢/lb delivered amid cancellations from the auto industry.


Production of most alloys is extremely low, with half the industry out of inventory to sell. This has led to a seller’s market. The issues with labor and input costs have persisted to create a dearth of supply. Despite subdued demand from the auto industry, supply still lags in the market. 


The index for 356.1 jumped by 2.3¢/lb to $1.478/lb delivered. A413.1 and A360.1 rose by 0.7¢/lb each to settle at $1.447/lb and $1.457/lb delivered, respectively. B390 increased by a penny to $1.47/lb delivered. The index for 319.1 settled at $1.318/lb delivered, down by 0.2¢/lb.


The official LME Aluminium cash price settled Friday at $2,696/lb, up by $61/mt from Aug 24. 

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