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The US Department of Commerce has preliminarily determined that Rusal Aremenal sold or is likely to have sold aluminum foil in the US at less than fair value. 


In an order published in the Federal Register, Commerce assigned an antidumping duty (AD) of 188.84pc to Rusal Armenal and two of its exporting entities Rusal Products and Rusal Marketing. It has assigned the same AD to all Armenian exporters of the subject material. 


Armenal asked for an extension of the final verdict, and Commerce has granted the same to the tune of 135 days from the date of the preliminary results (May 4). Rusal Armenal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UC Rusal, one of the largest global (ex-china) producers of aluminum sheet, slab, and billet. 


Commerce has temporarily suspended liquidation of entries during the period of review, January 1, 2020, through June 30, 2020.

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