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US exports of stainless steel scrap and alloy steel in February dropped by 4pc to 110,208mt from 114,355mt in February 2019, according to the US Census Bureau trade data. US import of stainless steel and alloy steel scrap combined dropped by 6pc to 55,419mt in February from 59,097mt during the same month last year. 


At 19,798mt, Mexico was the highest importer of US stainless steel scrap during the month, a significant increase from 82mt in February 2019. Exports to Canada, however, decreased by almost 21pc in February to 1,632mt from 2,051mt in February last year. 


Among Asian countries, India’s imports of stainless steel scrap from the US rose 39pc to 16,127mt from 9,862mt in February 2019. Exports to Pakistan increased by 85pc to 4,858mt in February from 761mt in February of the previous year, while China imported 19mt, a 10pc increase from 2mt in February 2019. Exports to Taiwan however, dropped by 48pc in February to 5,152mt from 9,870mt during the same month last year. 


From an import standpoint, the highest stainless steel scrap imports into the US in February came from Canada. Scrap shipments from US’ northern neighbor increased by 37pc to 12,402mt in February from 7,810mt during the same month last year. Stainless steel imports from Mexico were almost flat dropping 1pc to 7,807mt from 7,847mt in February 2019. 


Stainless steel import from Japan in February declined by 60pc to 38mt compared to 123mt in February 2019. Imports from Taiwan dropped by 35pc in February to 40mt from 61mt in February last year. 

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