Davis Index: Market Intelligence for the Global Metals and Recycled Materials Markets

Superalloy prices were flat across all grades in a subdued market despite an increase in LME Nickel prices on Thursday.


The weekly Davis Index for Hastelloy C remained at $5.12/lb for single truckload delivered processor yard and held unchanged for Hastelloy X at $3.77/lb delivered.


Inconel 600 was flat at $4.87/lb as was 601 at $4.07/lb delivered processor yard. Inconel 617 also remained at $3.77/lb delivered processor yard, the same as last week, and Inconel 625 Vac was flat at $4.30/lb delivered. The index for Inconel 718 Vac settled at $3.49/lb delivered processor yard, unchanged from Apr 1.


The official LME Nickel cash contract closed Thursday at $16,778/mt, up by $777/mt from $16,001/mt on Apr 1.


A subdued market and rangebound LME Nickel prices have kept superalloy prices level with last week. Like the stainless steel market, processors are still trying to gauge the factors that can affect the price trends for superalloys in the near term.

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