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Weekly crude steel production in the US declined by 0.3pc to 1.901mn nt (1.725mn mt) with a capability utilization rate of 81.5pc for the week ended February 22, 2020, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). The latest week’s production data represents a decline of 0.8pc from the same period a year ago.


Capacity utilization during the first five weeks of the year remained above 82pc, but has declined to 81.4-81.8pc over the past three weeks. 


Production in the Northeast made up 12.1pc or 0.229mn nt of the total 1.901mn nt output, while Great Lakes made up 36.2pc at 0.688mn nt. Midwest produced 10.7pc of the total crude steel at 0.203mn nt, with South at 37.5pc or 0.712mn nt, and the West at 3.6pc or 0.069mn nt. Great Lakes and South comprise 73.7pc of total US crude steel production. 


Compared to the same week last year, the Northeast and Midwest each increased 7pc while Great Lakes and South decreased 3-4pc. The West declined 12pc compared to the same week last year when it was .078mn nt and declined 0.31pc compared to the high of 0.100mn nt in the second week of 2020. 


From January 1 through February 22, 2020 crude steel production increased by 1.1pc to 14.476mn nt with a capacity utilization rate of 82pc from 14.311mn nt and a utilization rate of 81.3pc during the same period last year.


AISI production tonnage data is estimated. The figures are compiled from weekly production tonnage provided from 50pc of the domestic producers combined with monthly production data for the remainder.

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