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Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has imposed a temporary anti-dumping (AD) duty on H-shaped steel products originating from Malaysia, according to a notification dated April 7. 


The investigation was initiated in August 2020 based on appraisal results of a petition filed by the domestic manufacturer in July.


After careful review and assessment, the ministry discovered that the impact of dumping of imported goods was affecting the domestic downstream manufacturing industries and consumers of H-shaped steel products.

The investigation results revealed that the import volume of the said steel products from Malaysia increased sharply during the investigation period, causing considerable damage to the domestic H-shaped steel industry.

MoIT has levied an anti-dumping duty of 10.2pc on imported H-shaped steel products imported from Malaysia.

The ministry will continue to identify products with special factors that need to be excluded and exempt, and at the same time, assess the comprehensive impact of the dumping of the said steel products on the domestic producers and manufacturers.

The case is expected to conclude in the second quarter of this year.


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