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The European Commission has extended anti-dumping duties (ADD) on imports of corrosion resistant steel from China to prevent producers avoiding existing duties by modifying the product they export.


In February 2018, the European Union had levied duties between 17.2pc and 27.9pc to stop dumping of products at prices lower than the normal value. The investigation included products like flat-rolled products of iron or alloy steel; plated or coated by hot dip galvanisation with zinc and/or aluminium and/or magnesium, whether or not alloyed with silicon; chemically passivated; with or without any additional surface treatment such as oiling or sealing; containing by weight: not more than 0.5pc of carbon, not more than 1.1pc of aluminium, not more than 0.12pc of niobium, not more than 0.17pc of titanium and not more than 0.15pc of vanadium; presented in coils, cut-to-length sheets and narrow strips.


Six groups of companies were defined in the investigation, of which two groups had submitted the replies and requested an exemption from the extended measures. Shougang Group cooperated and was exempted from the extended anti-dumping duties. These two companies accounted for 14pc of the total imports from China.


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