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EU levied provisional anti-dumping (AD) duty of in a range 13.6-34.6pc on stainless steel cold-rolled flat products imported from India, and a rate of 19.9-20.2pc on imports from Indonesia.


An anti-dumping investigation on stainless steel cold-rolled flat products (SSCR) originating from India and Indonesia was launched by the European Commission on Sep 30, following a complaint by the European Steel Association (Eurofer) on behalf of the regions steel producers.


The commission ruled that imports from India and Indonesia caused injury to the steel industry in the Union. Import of SSCR increased more than 50pc during the period of investigation and their increase hurt imports from third countries. The domestic steel industry in Europe suffered due to imports from India and Indonesia which were priced between 5-19pc below prices of the Union. As a result, local producers were unable to raise price amid higher raw material cost and were rather forced to lower sales prices to maintain their market share.


Earlier, the Commission initiated a countervailing duty (CVD) or anti-subsidy investigation on SSCR imports from India and Indonesia on Feb 17 and results of which are scheduled to be announced by the end of this year.


The products probed are classified under HS codes 7219 3100, 7219 3210, 7219 3290, 7219 3310, 7219 3390, 7219 3410, 7219 3490, 7219 3510, 7219 3590, 7219 9020, 7219 9080, 7220 2021, 7220 2029, 7220 2041, 7220 2049, 7220 2081, 7220 2089, 7220 9020, and 7220 9080.

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