Prices for domestic copper scrap, including armature wire, berry, heavy, sheet cutting, turnings gained, and utensils amid scarcity. Importers too had stayed away from bookings due to the fiscal year-end. The Indian Rupee depreciated by 1.52pc to Rs74.54 on Thursday from Rs73.42 in the prior week, making imports expensive.


The three-month LME copper contract gained by $129/mt $8,974.5/mt on April 7 from $8,845.5/mt on March 31.

The weekly Davis Index for copper armature wire settled at Rs638,667/mt delivered India consumer from Rs603,333/mt, up by Rs35,334/mt($474.03/mt).


The weekly index for copper berry gained Rs29,667/mt to Rs658,667/mt from Rs629,000/mt del India consumer.


The Davis Index for Copper heavy gained Rs31,333/mt ($420.31/mt) and settled at Rs650,000/mt del India consumer the prior week.

The weekly Davis Index for copper sheet cutting settled at Rs631,000/mt del India consumer from Rs596,667/mt, up by Rs34,333/mt del India consumer.


The weekly Davis Index for copper utensils settled at Rs605,000/mt from Rs567,333/mt delivered India consumer, up by Rs30,667/mt, and the weekly Davis Index for copper turnings settled at Rs615,333/mt from Rs574,333/mt del India consumer, up by Rs48,000/mt.



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