Davis Index – Daily metal prices, scrap prices & global metal market

Shipbreaking prices rose on Monday amid steady demand from the rolling mills in Gujarat and surrounding regions. The daily index for 6Ani rose by Rs550/mt ($7.57/mt) to Rs31,150/mt ($428.94/mt) ex-Alang, with deals reported at index price. Transactions were reported at the current price levels.


The daily indexes for 0.5kg and 1kg plates rose by Rs600/mt each to Rs29,300/mt and Rs29,200/mt ex-Alang, respectively, amid rising demand for finished steel. 


The daily Davis Index for HMS attachment and Melting rose by Rs550/mt each to Rs29,050/mt and Rs28,050/mt ex-Alang, respectively. Shipbreakers expect the prices to rise further considering uptrend in finished steel’s demand which underwent slowdown recently.




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