Mexico’s domestic ferrous scrap prices increased on strong demand in the Bajío and the Central regions on Friday.


Prices in Central and Bajío Mexico rose by about MXN200/mt ($10.03/mt) over the past week and are expected to increase in the short term with #1 busheling prices expected to remain firm until August in Bajío. Bids for this prime grade are being heard in the range of MXN10,600/mt-MXN11,000/mt in Veracruz, which is in the Bajío region.


Mexican recyclers in the North are considering importing machine shop turnings from the US in May and #1 busheling prices in this region could continue to rise until June.


In Central Mexico, the weekly Davis Indexes for #1 HMS, P&S 5ft and shredded rose by MXN250/mt to MXN9,300/mt delivered Mexico consumer, MXN9,750/mt delivered, and MXN9,900/mt delivered, respectively. Machine shop turnings rose by MXN200/mt to MXN8,850/mt delivered and #1 busheling climbed by MXN300/mt to MXN10,050/mt delivered.


The weekly Davis Indexes in Bajío for #1 HMS fell by MXN100/mt to MXN8,200/mt delivered, shredded increased by MXN400/mt to MXN9,700/mt delivered, and machine shop turnings rose by MXN50/mt to MXN7,475/mt delivered. P&S 5ft rose by MXN250/mt to MXN9,350/mt delivered, and #1 busheling climbed by MXN200/mt to MXN10,300/mt delivered Mexico consumer.


In North Mexico, the weekly Davis Indexes for shredded and #1 busheling fell by MXN8/mt to MXN9,625/mt, and MXN10,075/mt delivered Mexico consumer, respectively. The index for #1 HMS rose by MXN58/mt to MXN8,625/mt delivered, P&S 5ft increased by MXN170/mt to MXN9,903/mt, and machine shop turnings rose by MXN166/mt to MXN8,233/mt delivered.



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