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The industrial city of Tangshan in China further tightened the production restrictions on sintering machines of Iron and Steel enterprises to curb air pollution, stated a notice issued by Tangshan City Government. 

The measures include: fixing proportion of pellets and lime kilns to minimise the emission of blast furnace and converter gas along with maximising the utilisation rate of each gas user; casting and independent steel rolling to cease production for 12 hours from 8pm; restricting entry of heavy vehicles into the factory area between 8pm-8am except the vehicles that ensure safe production; and dump trucks and non-road mobile vehicle to suspend operations between 8pm-8am.

Different levels of emission reduction measures are implemented by the region depending on the level of impact by different steel enterprises. 

Tangshan Iron and Steel’s southern plant with two sintering machines and a blast furnace have shut down before July 15 followed by others. Other companies affected include – 



Steel Enterprises

Tangyin Iron and Steel
Ruifeng Iron and Steel
Donghua Iron and Steel
Jing’an Iron and Steel 
Guoyi Special Steel
Chunxing Special Steel
Tangshan Irin and Steel’ Stainless steel 
Jinma Iron and Steel 
Tianzhu Iron and Steel 
Donghai Iron and Steel 
Rongxin Iron and Steel 
Xinda Iron and Steel 
Jiujiang Wire Rod
Songting Iron and Steel 
Yanshan Iron and Steel 
Rongcheng Special Steel 
Huaxi Iron and Steel 
Jinxi Iron and Steel 
Jianlong’s Iron and Steel 
Wenfeng Iron and Steel 
Delong Steel 


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