Turkey’s crude steel production dropped by 8.1pc to 2.88mn mt in November from the prior year as production of steel by electric arc furnace decreased by 11pc from a year ago. 


In Turkey, crude production by integrated steel plants decreased by 1.7pc in November, according to the Turkish Steel Producers’ Association (TCUD).


Turkey Crude Steel Production (mn mt)
 Jan-Nov 2018Jan-Nov 2019% change



Turkey’s total steel products in Jan-Oct period rose to 18.5mn mt, an increase of 6.4pc in terms of quantity, but the export value decreased by 4.4pc to $13.6 billion from the prior year. Turkey’s steel product imports in the same period dipped by 21pc, down to 10.1mn mt, while in terms of value dropped 25.2pc to $ 8.4 billion from a year ago.

The ratio of exports to imports rose to 161pc from 126pc in the same period last year. In the Jan-Oct period, exports of long products increased by 2.2pc to 8.8mn mt, while flat product exports rose by 5.2 pc to 4.8 mn mt. Semi-finished steel exports increased by 82pc to 1.2mn mt. Imports decreased by 37.2 pc to 2.6mn mt. Flat-rolled imports decreased by 9.6pc to 6.1mn mt, while long product imports decreased by 23.3pc to 882,000mt.

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