Davis Index: Market Intelligence for the Global Metals and Recycled Materials Markets

The Davis Index for brass scrap trended up on Friday amid volatility in the Comex market, where spot contracts gained approximately 7¢/lb from May 15. 


The weekly Davis Index for 360-rod borings increased by 8.2¢/lb to $1.71/lb delivered US consumer while the index for brass radiators rose by 2.5¢/lb to $1.53/lb delivered. The index for red brass (85:15) solids rose by 10.2¢/lb to $2.16/lb delivered US consumer.


The weekly Davis Index spread for the C-200 series alloy copper was flat at 9.7¢/lb under the Comex spot contract, while the spread for the C-200 series zinc remained unchanged at 2.8¢/lb under the LME zinc spot contract.


The Comex cash copper contract was higher by 7¢//lb at $2.41/lb on Friday up from $2.33/lb on May 15, while the three-month LME zinc official contract increased by $9/mt on Friday to $1,955/mt from $1946/mt on May 15.


Market participants have reduced restrictions on the types of loads they buy since brass is in short supply, allowing for mixed loads, which are mostly made up of lower quality material. To compensate, consumers have found themselves reaching for prompt scrap and paying higher prices to procure the material.

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