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The US Department of Commerce intends to levy anti-dumping (AD) duties on forged steel fluid end blocks exported from Italy, which are used in producing hydraulic pumps in the US. 


In an order slated for publication on July 23, Commerce preliminarily determined that five producers from Italy sold the mentioned goods at less than fair-value between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019. 


Commerce has assigned a weighted-average dumping margin ranging from 4.84pc to 50.93pc on import of all subject matter from the involved parties and included an all-others clause for Italian exporters. A table clarifying the same is listed below. 


Commerce will direct US Customs and Border Protection to suspend liquidation of entries of subject merchandise for consumption in order to reassess the margins to be implemented for the period of review and thereinafter on publication of the order in the Federal Register and approval of the Court of International Trade. 

Exporter AD margin 
Lucchini Mamé Forge4.84
IMER International50.93
Galperti Group50.93
P. Technologies4.84
All others4.84

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